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12. March 2021 December 22nd, 2021

Ford City Van in the backend

Last year, Ford Motor Company and Volkwagen AG announced a comprehensive cooperation that includes collaboration on electric and commercial vehicles as well as joint steps to develop autonomous driving systems. Through the alliance, the two companies aim to offer their customers, among other things, new technologies and a wider range of models more quickly. A total of around 8 million vehicles are to be developed and produced in the alliance’s three commercial vehicle projects.
Production of the Ford City Van, built on the basis of the VW Caddy, started at the end of 2020. However, since Ford customers expect the look & feel of a Ford, we were commissioned to realise the connection of the Ford frontends to the VW group platform.
The cooperation with VW Nutzfahrzeuge (commercial vehicles) and the colleagues from Ford started with a 3-day workshop in Cologne.
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