ridewise: 360° full-service solution
for smart vehicle insurance

ridewise is a full-service Pay-How-You-Drive product for insurance companies and automotive OEMs. It is the first solution which comes as an orchestrated managed service. Unlike other PHYD products ridewise doesn’t require any additional after-market devices – it only uses connected vehicle data and enriches it with data from the user’s smartphone. Easy to use for drivers, cost-effective for insurance companies, scalable to millions of connected cars.

Key Benefits

Managed Service

  • 360°/Full-Service Solution
  • Integration with OEM data
  • Integration with scoring provider and insurer
  • Proactive SLA based service monitoring, reporting and billing
  • 2nd and 3rd level support, incl. end-to-end service management across partners
  • End-to-end security and fraud prevention
  • Product lifecycle management
  • Optional customer service (technical 1st level) support

Monetization and scalability

  • Quick time-to-market by using full-service solutions and existing data pipelines
  • High market coverage: works in millions of vehicles from the start
    Increase of monetizable data value through enrichment of vehicle data with user data
  • Future-proof through easy integration of additional data points and use cases

Seamless onboarding
and user experience

  • High user adoption through seamless user-onboarding
  • No need of additional hardware installation or pairing
  • Fully integrated into the insurer’s processes and look-and-feel
  • White-label: provided as standalone app or integrated with the insurer’s app

Transparent, user-specific scoring

  • Support of multiple drivers per vehicle
  • High fraud prevention
  • Detection of unscored trips
  • Full GDPR compliance through user-specific consent management

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