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13. July 2018 January 19th, 2023

Opening of the e.GO Factory in Aachen

Our client, e.GO Mobile cut the ribbon on their production facility in Aachen on July 13. For starters, 10,000 Ego Life models are planned to be manufactured every year starting in November – the production of a complete car will only take 17 hours.

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Events 24.04.2024

Beyond Mobility Meetup

Join Valtech Mobility Global Lead Peter Ivanov, Parkopedia's Markus Dohl, 4screen's Xaver Müller and our UX Design Lead Debayan Chakraborty for an engaging discussion. We will focus on how connected…
Blog 2. April 2024

Android Automotive OS: GAS vs. NON-GAS

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Blog 28. March 2024

Expert tools in the automotive industry

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Events 07.01.2025

Valtech Mobility @ CES 2025

Auch 2025 werden wir wieder mit einem Stand bei der CES in Las Vegas vertreten zu sein. Stay tuned für weitere Updates. Save the Date: 07.-10.01.2025 Las Vegas, Nevada, USA