The power of connection

Jennifer Schinz / Head of Projectmanagement Office

In times of uncertainty and remote work, how can we foster a strong sense of belonging and team spirit?

Our “Head of Project Management Office,” Jennifer Schinz, took on this challenge and ended up launching the initiative “Mobility Moves”.  

The team for the realization was easily found. Our developer Manuel grabbed his trainees and got to work on the technical implementation. On the other side colleagues from the marketing and UX team joined the process to bring the idea to life.

It is a project of the heart and is now running autonomously alongside the normal day-to-day business. 

Since its inception, Mobility Moves has connected our employees across 6 locations throughout Germany, showing the vibrant culture we embrace at Valtech Mobility. We firmly believe that collaboration knows no bounds and that ideas are not just encouraged—they are wholeheartedly celebrated.  

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