What specifically are we dealing with?
We simply asked our employees - and got interesting insights from their practice.

HOLON Partnership

HOLON and Valtech Mobility combine expertise

Parkopedia Partnership

End-to-end parking, charging and in-car commerce solutions

The power of Connection

Head of Projektmanagement Office / Jennifer Schinz

“You built it – you run it”

Principal Consultant / Marcus Delp

“There’s something for everyone.”

Site Management / Jens Krauspe

“The more angles you have, the easier it is to solve.”

Platform-Development / Jan Jongen

“I would say it’s an equal partnership.”

Partnership & Business Development / Andreas Hauptvogel

“From zero to the big picture”

Infotainment Services / Sven Weiss

At the root

UX-Design / Melanie Vaupel

“Hey boss, we know where your car is parked.”

Trainee Fullstack Developer / Markus Gorges

“Hey Porsche, play` AC/DC”

Service development and integration / Sven Baum

“There used to be weeks invested before a line of code was written.”

Platform Development and Integration / Stefan Spieß

“What does a connected car platform need to do in the future?”

Platform development and integration / Andreas Peters

“The best dumb blonde jokes come from us.”

Infotainment Services / Vera Kalugin & Luzie Mertingk

“This is not another run of the mill job.”

Infotainment Services / Wasilios Papadopoulos

“The energy comes from the sun for free – and there’s plenty of it.”

E-Mobility / Jens Wolf

“An Exciting Combination”

Corporate Culture / Sigi Gindele

“I want to see the impact of my development.”

Monitoring / Julian Liebl

“We like this very special, delightfully non-conformist identity.”

Marketing & Design

“Who in Europe can imagine managing their parking tickets in the vehicle?”

International Rollout / Xin Liu

“You generate fewer bugs.”

Functional Programming / Jan Jongen

“Our goal is to transition complex requirements into well-maintainable software.”

Microservices / Matthias Strauch & Michael Kluz

“A step into a new, smarter form of mobility.”

E-Mobility / Norman Palmhof

“We support good ideas intensively.”

User Experience / Felix Eichert

“We don’t want to just follow the herd, we want to create milestones”

Data Analytics / Tilmann Piffl

“How can I break it?”

Agile Testing

“Everyone would do it if it were that simple”

Car2X / Daniel Elhs

“I am the Epic Driver.”

Platforms / Thomas Spröd