Audi Themes

Customer Portal

With Audi themes, customers are able to individualise their interior in the myAudi app - this includes the ambient lighting in the vehicle and the background images on the central display .

Audi Themes is the result of an intense collaboration between Audi and Valtech Mobility. It represents the first use case of the "digital marketplace", a strategic initiative by Audi to offer an even more personalised in-car experience in the future.

The Audi themes are currently available in Europe and North America. Additional features are in development.

Our Role

The interdisciplinary, closely partnered end-to-end project with experts from research, strategy, back-end and front-end development, and UX/UI design includes developing and designing the content management platform and admin toolkits for Audi and content providers 


Car app

After registration via the customer platform myAudi, users can activate the purchased background images and the matching ambience lighting

Content management tool

Via the browser application, third-party companies can easily provide content. The new Content Management Tool enables their adaptation to current and future generations of Audi infotainment devices. 

Audi Admin Toolkit

The Admin Toolkit enables Audi to maintain control over published content. Thus, it can be ensured that the driving ability is not impeded by certain content or content violating the terms of use. 

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