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15. February 2021 December 22nd, 2021

We are a case study

As part of the Strategic International Management lecture, 30 students of the Industrial Engineering and Management course at Mannheim University of Applied Sciences analysed the status quo in the “Smart Mobility” ecosystem and forecast its development. They have chosen Valtech Mobility as a practical example for the identification of potentials.
In the first phase, the students examined the internationalisation strategies of globally operating corporations and analysed how the once national players in the market could establish themselves as global players and expand their influence across different industries.
Based on this, the current positioning of these corporations in the Smart Mobility ecosystem was examined. The focus was on an analysis of the product portfolio and the identification of key markets.
The students regularly communicated with our business development team during the semester. For example, they researched how the ecosystem of smart mobility is developing, who the key players are and what role mobility platforms play. What was particularly exciting for us were the opportunities and options that the Mannheim team identified for us. It was extremely educational and great fun to develop a view beyond our own horizons together. A big thank you to the Mannheim University of Applied Sciences and all those involved.

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