Premium Testing Solution
for Connected Cars.

Combining the respective best-of-breed tools into one standard solution - with one interface, fully aligned processes and an agile workflow tailor-made for the Connected Car, exact will make your work easier.


Test Automation

Exact’s test engine handles industry-leading testing frameworks such as Gauge and Cucumber. To save time, users can import existing test projects directly into the framework. Exact’s test automation is based on behavior-driven development (BDD), so your software can be tested when it is deployed correctly.

Test Data Management

With our automated test data management, you no longer need to manually change the test data in your tests. With Exact, you can select the test data and combine it with your tests in a test panel. Now you can run the tests and they will automatically run with the previously selected test data.

Test Support

To manage your tests within the test panel, you can use test groups and test cases. This means that users can conveniently choose which part of their entire test suite to run. Exact also allows you to combine multiple test cases into new groups. To save time, each test case can be reviewed to see the next test steps.

Test Reporting

After a test is run with Exact, users receive a test report to analyze the test data. Exact uses the Native Test Reporting of the respective test engines.

The Solution


Best-of-breed testing tools unified in one solution


Supporting the whole connected car testing process. Integrating all stakeholders in one common workflow


Consistent, easy-to-process interface providing holistic overview for all participants

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