Plug & Charge


As part of the premium charging service of the fully electric Audi e-tron, Plug & Charge allows charging without a charging card or app.

Authentication and automatic billing is carried out via the connection of the smart charging cable.

Selected features

Standardized charging in accordance with ISO 15118

Automatic billing

No charging card or app necessary

Our Role

Valtech Mobility runs the Plug & Charge backend as a Managed Service.

In contrast to the remaining Connect backend of the VW Group, the E-mobility backend is not hosted and managed internally – but is taken care of by Valtech Mobility. Valtech Mobility is in charge of Managed Service for all brands and markets.

Product Features

ISO 15118 charging standard

The international standard ISO 15118 regulates the communication between electric vehicles and public charging points. Through the smart charging function of Audi e-tron’s Plug & Charge, the charging points communicates with the charging control device of the vehicle.

Automatic billing

Since the Smart Charging concepts and electronic billing system of charges is supported by ISO 15118, the electric current charged is billed automatically.

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