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MyAudi is the central digital touchpoint for Audi drivers. The app or browser version allows them to manage personal vehicle data or digital offers.

The MyAudi Portal shows equipment details, the logbook and the entire history of the vehicle.

Selected features

Equipment details

Digital logbook

Service history

Our role

Valtech Mobility is responsible for the integration of existing Group systems and develops the central services in the integration layer.

The cross-functional teams develop complete features for the front and backend.


Equipment details and vehicle status via the MyAudi Portal

MyAudi Portal displays all available equipment details and allows you to check on them. Plus, it also displays the fuel gauge or error alerts.

Updating maps

With MyAudi, it is easy to update your maps and navigational system in case you want to have new roads or current road construction displayed.

Make service appointments

The portal shows you the entire service history and allows you to make service appointments right away.

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