Information for applicants during COVID-19

The current situation poses new challenges for all of us. Especially in the job interview. The health and safety of all involved, i.e., of you and your interview partners at Valtech Mobility has top priority! Surely, you are asking yourself the question: Is Valtech Mobility still hiring during these times? How does the application process work? Do I have less of a chance if I don’t want to come in person?

Is Valtech Mobility still hiring?
Yes, we are still hiring. Our order books are full, so get your applications in! We look forward to them!

How does the application process work?
After we have been convinced by your CV, we will arrange an interview with you. Obviously, we would like to meet you in person. However, the current situation requires constant adjustments. We are able to conduct interviews remotely, e.g., via Microsoft Teams / video call with you. We will send you an invitation including a link to participate in advance, and there you go. This gives all sides a good first impression. If you and we have decided to continue the process, there will be a second meeting. We decide together and according to the situation, to what extent we can conduct this personally.

Do I have less of a chance if I don’t want to come in person?
Your chances are not less if you do not want to come in person. Currently, we are also preferring remote interviews.

When can I start working for you / would it also be possible to start at a later stage?
We are always hiring. However, if you would like to start later due to the current situation, we will find a solution.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.

We are looking forward to your applications!