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Valtech Mobility – Innovation Partner for Mobility Solutions & Services for Connected Vehicles

The joint venture of the digital agency Valtech and the Volkswagen Group was founded in 2018. Its core topics are connected platforms, e-mobility and data analytics. Around 400 employees are working at the company’s headquarters in Munich and at other locations in Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Dresden, Ingolstadt and Brunswick.

We support our customers in implementing strategies and business goals in the mobility market. The focus is on the conception and validation of business models and product ideas.

As a modern software manufacturer and full-service provider of mobility platforms & services as well as data analytics, we support our customers in turning their business ideas into reality.
We advise on all organizational, conceptual and methodological issues – and thus make our 20 years of industry expertise available for the goals of our customers.

These tasks await you

  • Holistic analysis and designing of innovative mobility offerings
    • Creation, validation, and implementation of customer strategies and goals
    • Early communication and testing of core ideas through CX artifacts (such as journeys, wall-walks, videos, prototypes, etc.)
    • Reflect, analyze, and anticipate market trends and best practices
  • Design and management of the entire lifecycle of digital products in the automotive sector, e.g. e-mobility, platform management, managed services, etc.
  • Supporting customers’ product and market related decisions and actions in line with their business objectives
  • Development of the portfolio and product strategy, as well as planning, implementation, coordination and control of the measures derived from it
  • Advising the customers’ specialist departments with a focus on the product’s requirements and return on investment

Preferred Qualifications

  • Knowledge in building, designing and implementing new business models and business architectures
  • Experience in managing digital or IoT products over the entire product lifecycle: from product idea to international market launch and continuous product optimization
  • Experience in the profitable use of business, process modeling and architecture tools
  • Experience in the transformation of projects & change management
  • Experience in targeted innovation management for services and products
  • Experience in agile product development
  • Confident appearance and persuasiveness at senior management level
  • Ability to motivate & inspire interdisciplinary teams
  • Fluent in English and German (spoken and written)

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Valtech Mobility is an automotive software company for digital solutions around the connected vehicle.

The joint venture between the digital agency Valtech and Volkswagen Group was founded in 2018. The core topics are connected platforms, electromobility and data analysis. Around 400 employees work at the company's headquarters in Munich and at other locations in Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Dresden, Ingolstadt, Brunswick, Beijing, Shanghai and Wuhan.

Who are we anyway?

We are go-getters, tinkerers, consultants, developers, creatives, nerds, mentors, out-of-the-box thinkers and worriers – or all of the above rolled into one. Because: Our strength is connecting knowledge. And this is why flat hierarchies, continuous learning and self-organizing teams are natural elements of our DNA.

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